Overcoming the Resistance to Moving to a RH

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Overcoming the Resistance to Moving to a Retirement Home

Some people are very resistant to moving to a retirement home for a number of reasons, but often it is due to fear, grief or cognitive issues. There are also some practical barriers like the logistics and cost of care. Pride, extreme discomfort or difficulty with change and the unwillingness to accept the reality of aging are some of the common reasons. Practical and emotional fears can become a burden on the family or loved ones.

When a family member resists to moving to a retirement home, it could be due to a number of reasons. Regardless of your situation or the reason, here are a few things you can consider to encourage a loved one to move to a retirement home:

  • Choose the Right Timing

Moving to a retirement home can be stressful, so you must choose the right timing when discussing these matters. Do not be in a rush for these kinds of conversations. Give adequate time and make a specific date for the discussion to expand, if it happens.

You may also pick a time when you and the person needing help are relaxed. It can be easier for both of you to speak your minds and listen to each other.

  • Be Considerate to his / her Feelings

People, in general, needs to be understood and heard. They may not necessarily need to be agreed with, but they often want to be understood. Acknowledge the feelings of the person and how difficult it must be to move into a home and have a changed life. Recognize the fear and anxiety that may come with it and discuss how you can help.

  • Always be Clear About your Motives

Explaining why you’re proposing a move is always helpful. Help them feel you love and care about them. Those who are afraid of moving to a retirement home may actually lessen their resistance once they understand that it will benefit them and the other members of the family. People will often do things that will benefit their loved ones.

  • A Professional Assistance Can Help

It is sometimes helpful to have an experienced expert to facilitate the meeting. A professional can present the topic efficiently, and most of the time, it can be easier to accept inputs from an impartial professional than from the family. It may also be helpful for the family to see the individual as they are now instead of what they used to be with the help of an expert. Qualified experts can often help the person needing assistance and the family to have a more realistic expectation.

Resistance to moving to a retirement home is a real challenge that many family members and individuals experience. By explaining the benefits of living in a retirement home and keeping your loved one involved in the decision-making process, you might be able to help him/her more comfortable about obtaining assistance.

You can always encourage cooperation with someone who might resist moving to a retirement home. By showing them that their welfare and benefits are your innermost desire, they will be able to accept that moving to a retirement home is the best option for them.