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The Misconception About a Retirement Home

When it comes to a retirement home, there are so many misconceptions and so much misinformation that, sadly, a lot of people still believe today. This is probably because old folks’ homes were very unpleasant places for many.

As the population ages, many are faced with the possibility of moving either themselves or an older member of the family into a retirement home. The decision to move can be stressful, usually because of the common myths about such facilities. In order to make an informed decision, it is vital to learn about the common misconceptions about a retirement home.

  • You will Get Awful Care at a Retirement Home

While the key is to make a thorough research and visit frequently to determine the right retirement home that best suit you or a loved one’s need, it isn’t true that all retirement homes deliver poor care. Retirement homes have more safeguards in place and the staffing information is available in order to help you in making the right decision.

  • Your Current Home will be the Perfect Place to Live in Retirement

A lot of retirees believe that it gives them the most independence and freedom when they remain in their house. However, the truth is, they spend more time shopping and doing housework at home than in a retirement home. They also spend less time engaging in learning activities and socializing. Indeed, a retirement home may be able to provide the memories and familiarity of home as well as the comfort of coming in and going out and privacy.

  • Residents in Retirement Homes are Confused

Some are in a retirement home due to health complications or physical shortcomings, whereas others enter because they’ve been forgetful. Although many residents fall somewhere in the middle, it’s essential to note that forgetfulness is commonly reversed or improved by simple lifestyle changes that a skilled community offers, such as properly controlled medication, exercise and social stimulation.

  • The Costs of Retirement Homes Will Bankrupt you

Indeed, retirement home care is a bit expensive, but when you compare the cost of similar care in a hospital, this is actually a financially sensible option. You will get quality accommodation and care based on your personal needs.

  • Retirement Homes are Filled with Dying and Sick People

This may really be the most off-putting misconception about retirement homes. Today, retirement homes are not a place where old people die, but where retirees go to find activities and friends. It is also a place where they can find security and comfort that comes from the knowledge that they won’t have to move again as they begin to be less able to live independently.

There is no doubt to say that moving is a daunting and stressful transition and moving to a retirement home can bring on a host of different emotions. For those who are moving, they are leaving behind memories and a familiar place. If your loved one is moving, you may also feel guilty for not being able to provide care.

The great news is that retirement homes actually deliver a host of benefits that can improve one’s quality of life.

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